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How DART WebApp Transforms Mobility for Students with Disabilities

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Navigating the bustling campus of Arizona State University (ASU) just got smarter and more inclusive with the introduction of DART (Disability Access and Resources Transportation) Transportation Services.

The successful development of the DART WebApp by Webtronic Labs at Arizona State University (ASU) reaffirms the commitment assumed by the university when was recognized as the #1 college for innovation in the United States.

This WebApp, which emerged from a meticulous six-month development journey, created to improve internal campus transportation for over 5600+ students with special needs, is a prime example of ASU’s commitment to innovative solutions.

ASU Dart Cart - WebApp by Webtronic Labs
Photo taken from asu.edu

Zohair Zaidi

Head of Innovation
Arizona State University

Zohair Zaidi - Head of Innovation in Arizona State University

Zohair Zaidi

Head of Innovation
Arizona State University

“Webtronic Labs’ expertise and passion have proven invaluable in developing cutting-edge solutions that positively impact our community. Their genuine interest and results on our mission to enhance communication and transportation within the University Campus, making it more practical, accessible, and inclusive, was extraordinary.”


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Webtronic Labs, with its expertise in digital solutions, undertook this challenge with a clear vision. The team meticulously rebuilt the app from scratch, focusing on every detail to ensure it met the high standards required for a bustling university environment.

ASU’s DART service is a shining example of how thoughtful application of technology can revolutionize everyday experiences in an academic setting. It’s not just about moving people from point A to point B; it’s about ensuring every individual on campus has equal access to facilities and resources, seamlessly and efficiently. In an age where immediacy and accessibility are paramount, ASU’s approach through the DART app showcases a commitment to inclusivity and innovation, setting a new standard for campus mobility solutions.

The app's features are meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of the ASU community

Photo taken from ASU website, asu.edu