Transferencia Hipotecaria

Mortgage Refinancing

Transferencia Hipotecaria


Transferencia Hipotecaria is a step-by-step system to help users search for better payment terms and financial plans regarding mortgages. To achieve this, the system designates a qualified personal assistant who evaluates under what terms the user has subscribed to a certain payment plan, then establishes a comparison with all the data made public by the financial institutions, selecting those offering more benefits at less cost. It's built upon a constantly updated database collected from banks and financial institutions, in order to provide users with the best options that the market has to offer. With a mix of menu-driven and graphical user interfaces, detailed instructions, and a committed support team, it offers a convenient platform to complete the process end-to-end. Transferencia Hipotecaria was founded by a group of experts with many years of experience in real state and law industries, willing to lead users to a better financial situation, based on their specific needs.


Transferencia Hipotecaria

The first step we took while approaching this project was to investigate how refinancing works. After several meetings with the clients, we identified that their primary requirement as a business was to make their legal services more accessible for the target user: people with mid to lower-income, looking for a better mortgage plan. We then added to our priorities, to display the right amount of visual information according to what part of the process the user was working with so those with less experience using web applications or digital services felt comfortable using the system.

We continued by finding the necessary tools to gather all the data that our client needed to evaluate which institution offered lower interests or better payment terms.

An important part was to analyze the project from a commercial standpoint, to reach a wider audience we were assisted by a business consultant. Not only brought to our team a better understanding of the industry but also gave us enough tools to improve the system as a product.


We started by focusing on the company’s identity, creating a branding package that included illustrations, a new logo, and a color scheme that represented the business’s profile at best. Then, it was time to develop the system’s core, a database gathering interest rates, payment terms, and mortgage plans emitted by several banks in the region. This data would allow Transferencia Hipotecaria’s experts to decide what to suggest to their incoming users, based on their current financial situation. Simultaneously, we prepared a series of forms that would gather the necessary information to finish the process and schedule a meeting with the bank or institution that will establish a new, more convenient contract for the user. 

An important part of the process was to create a validation process for the submitted documents and user information received via forms. We took a different approach in how to display long, text-heavy forms by dividing the information into several blocks grouped by type. For example, a whole block was dedicated exclusively to credit information. This allowed the user to work with the app in several sessions without losing their progress.

Transferencia Hipotecaria


After several internal tests, the system was ready to be published for the first time. At first, a small amount of users were added to test the whole process and identify any problems or possible improvements. Our team gathered the initial metrics and concluded that the system was safe to be delivered. Today, our client has a fully-featured platform in which to offer their services, reaching a significantly bigger audience which now can be managed more efficiently with the administrative tools we provided. Transferencia Hipotecaria was a unique collaborative process. Our client had an active role in each phase and felt pleased to have their requests reflected in the final product. Since the first production deployment, we have continuously tested and improved the platform based on the users’ feedback.

Transferencia Hipotecaria
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