Exclusive Aircrew Scheduling Platform



ProFlyt is the first of its kind: the exclusive military aircrew scheduling platform designed for the US Air Force. The interactive mobile and web application allow aircrew members to bid on squadron training events, and with features such as a real-time scheduler, the system is used to provide the Air Force with the best, most accurate, and effective schedules that will accommodate the Air force's busy and unpredictable shifts and demands.

ProFlyt’s scheduling platform provides military aircrews with a forward-thinking solution to save time, simplify operations, and streamline training. In addition to bidding on squadron training events, military pilots can now access the schedule via an iOS or Android app that lets them track all their detailed assignments in real-time from any location.


The old ProFlyt was not user-friendly. There were many despaired components that didn't communicate with each other. These results guided us to demonstrate the client how creating a new project from zero will greatly benefit the company in the short and long run. The client was amazed by our review and after carefully analyzing our suggestions, he was thrilled with our assessment and was willing to put their trust in our development team.


In May 2020, we began this project from an already existing one. One of the first things we did, was a code audit in a Discovery Session. We quickly figured out that the existing application was difficult to maintain, and the systems were not scalable.

It was pleasing to have that much trust in us (as the choice to restart a project is not an easy one), so we knew we had to live up to the new client's expectations. We purposed to build a product that was very user-friendly, simple to use, that had a design that any person could navigate through with ease.


We built an app with state-of-the-art front-end and back-end technology that is communicated in real-time between systems. We incorporated tools to make automatic error reporting easy, and we used Agile methodologies to ensure clean updates.

When designing the new system, we focused on security, responsive design, performance, and integration. We set up a modularized system and implemented a comprehensive review process to guarantee scalability. And by breaking it down in this way, we were able to ensure that it would perform well with any number of users. 


We also set up a high-quality review process and a modularized system that allowed us to avoid any performance issues and ensure the stability of our product.



The platform was created from our owner's framework and customized very thoroughly. We have cleared all of the pre-existing problems that existed old platform had and we have optimized it and made it way more functional.

The project is in a very good place right now. The first deliverable was the scalability aspect, and we have continuously achieved it with outstanding results. We came from a non-updatable app to a fully performant, scalable, and practical multi-platform system (Web, iOS, and Android).



The app is now extremely easy to use, and it doesn't require any special knowledge to start interacting with it. We just launched ProFlyt to the public, and it's off to a great start. We've reached over a thousand customers who love the product! The response has been so good that we're planning on pushing things into high gear, looking for ways to expand our customer base.

We have set ProFlyt on the path of possibly becoming a startup.

If you want to learn more about this app, you can read the information online at You will be able to create a public account, and from there, explore some of the functionalities to get a general idea of the app.