Broadcasting Social Network



Happs. tv is an application that connects content creators and broadcasters with their audience. With a broad network of talented users and dedicated fans, Happs provides a safe, easy-to-use place to sell and manage your content. It makes it possible to team up with creators alike, improving the quality and possible reach of your productions.



We started this project as part of team-building new displays with all corresponding functionality taking a mobile-first design approach. 

We work with the functions of the progressive web application (PWA), which allows a website to behave like a native application.


We implement an application that connects broadcasters allowing them to sell content directly to their fans. We use Progressive Web Application (PWA) features, which allow users to have features like push notifications.

An interesting feature of this application is the creation and use of its own currency to manage payments in a more secure and controlled way.



The results were outstanding, we achieved an application that connects stations with their fans directly, allowing them the ability to build a community and sell content. 

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