Crypto Arbitrage Platform



BCT Trade (Blockchain Terminal) is a platform that brings sophisticated arbitrage features to crypto traders. It allows users to place orders on multiple exchanges at once and take advantage of any price difference between the exchanges, this is called Arbitrage and is done by monitoring cryptocurrency markets in real-time and placing orders on every exchange when a price difference occurs. The result is a profit that can be easily withdrawn to your credit card or transferred to your Bitcoin wallet.

The platform boasts lower fees, access to a 24-hour global user support team, and free wallet storage for up to 4,000 cryptocurrencies. They have a market arbitrage system that can be used for high-speed, real-time trades with extensive information on the market. They are the go-to service when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. BCT Trade integrates all the essential features necessary to carry out comprehensive digital currency trading activities. The easy-to-use interface ensures even novice traders can make the right calls, preventing loss of time and money.


We started on this project in May 2019. The project needed building new features, fixing bugs, and customizing existing software to fit the needs of our clients. Our typical workflow involved working with a project manager, discussing the project requirements, and researching how best to implement them.



We worked using an agile methodology, so our team could quickly address reported issues. We wrote functional specifications for new implementations, which allowed our development team to know what to build before developing. To build a secure and scalable crypto trading platform, we started by identifying business and technical requirements from our client.


After that, we did a design study, which is a review of the user interface and its elements, and then we started coding on the areas that were going to have the most positive business impact.

The features that needed to exist to scale the business at a new level were set.


Reports and order forms: Our team of experts started by creating a system that could process thousands of transaction reports and order forms per second while maintaining low latency.

User Interface updates: The new design shows smart order routers and faster arbitrage animations and histories while allowing you to clearly keep track of what's going on with your trade. We also incorporated other minor improvements such as account management functionalities like checking your withdrawal/deposit history.

Peripheral devices: We implemented a mobile terminal for the website and we looked at server security and strengthen it accordingly.

Main machine: We've optimized the main engine to support coin connection to exchanges and pull-down pricing information, depth charts, etc. We've further optimized the coins dropdown component, so it's easier to use. We've also reduced CPU usage after code refactoring.



BCT has gone through enormous growth in the latest years. It became a superior system with better features than other cryptocurrency platforms. Users can experience smoother transactions with faster, easier buy and sell options and transaction wait times are significantly lowered, it now has increased security, with new features like arbitrage support and pay app configuration, among others.

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